"EEWAC Is A Global Network Of Entrepreneurs & Entertainers Who Are Paying It Forward And Making A Huge Difference In Their Local Or Global Communities"          - Nat Binette, Founder
All EEWAC's Speakers have undergone our rigorous training.

Nat Binette, EEWAC Founder
Well-Being Speaker | Trainer | Coach

Nat operates a Well-Being consultancy: www.NatBinette.com
She delivers educational training on various well-being topics such as:
"Creating A Life You Absolutely Love"
"7 Strategies To Kick Depression/Anxiety To The Curb... and start living again"
"Reset. Recharge. Relaunch!"
"Find Your Life's Purpose And Become Unstoppable!"

Dean Hankey
SpeakTacular EnterTrainer!

Nearly 50 Years and More Than 30,000 Real Live Professional Presentations & Success Solutions Means YOU Are Getting The Real-World Road-Tested Result-Getting Experience That Dean Shares From Your Stage As He Reveals The Million Dollar Money Making Marketing M.A.G.I.C. Insider Secrets of Show Business To GROW Business For Rock-Star RESULTS and Sold-Out SUCCESS!

Claude Haggerty
Grand Scale Illusionist

Claude Haggerty has helped NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS in Ontario raise millions of dollars. We take a lot of pride in our approach and it is very unique. From start to finish our staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure Your Success.

Marny Cringle
Inspirational Speaker

Marny was run over by a train going 100km/h when she was 26 years old.  She shares her remarkable story of resilience, adaptability, and determination that lead her to win gold medals... and much much more!

Godfrey The Magician!

Your group will laugh like crazy
Your group will be involved
Your group will be amazed
Your group will have a great time
Your group will be thoroughly entertained
You will be thanked for creating a memorable and fun experience
You will achieve the goals that you set for this event

Dr Garrett Hope
Composer | Speaker | Coach

Dr. Garrett Hope’s purpose is to use his God-given creativity and communication skills to entertain and enlighten, draw people together for a common cause, and to coach composers and creatives to become unstoppable.

An award-winning composer of film and concert music, Garrett engages with performers and audiences to tell stories and create life-changing experiences. He loves working with educational ensembles, and especially values his work with students.

Mel Rosamond
Real Estate Connector

Mel can assist in selling any type of property with agents Australia wide and the world, however her passion and gift is with water properties. Beach homes, coastal homes or homes on the river, with children's names like Ocean, Island, Reef and Shell, you know Mel is your agent when it comes to coastal properties. Residing in Old Bar on the Barrington Coast NSW but connecting people to property in Australia and the world, Mel Rosamond is sure to be able to help you move from your OLD to your NEW and help you to start your next chapter.

Nicola Forrest

Nicola has the supernatural ability to teach anyone to read... very quickly!
Her workshops are educational and inspiring!

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Bralynn Newby, Message Architect!

 "Dean Hankey is a Rock-Star Marketer! He can take any speaker and have them wowing the crowd... meaning that he mentored them so that they had a CROWD to wow too!"

Joel Bauer, The Mentors Mentor

“With over 3 decades of stage experience and true expertise in all phases of the marketing process… Dean is an asset - knows the [events] business inside/out!”

Adryenn Ashley, Speaker/Producer

"Dean Is AMAZING! ...Innovation and The Collision of Entertainment & Technology! Couldn't Be More Perfect! ...The Audience Will Be On Fire!"
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