"EEWAC Is A Global Network Of Entrepreneurs & Entertainers Who Are Paying It Forward And Making A Huge Difference In Their Local Or Global Communities"          - Nat Binette, Founder
I'm a Speaker/Entertainer... Can I Learn Your Method?  YES!
In A World Where Profit Seems To Be All That Matters...  
We have decided to follow our hearts and make a difference. 
Learn our method and become a partner who GETS PAID TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE 
and donate money to the charities you love  WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOUR INCOME.

Make A Profit AND Pay It Forward at the same time? Yes. It's possible. And it feels AMAZING!
How Does It Work?
In the next 12 minutes (+5 minutes Bonus), Here's what you'll Learn:  
  • How to CREATE YOUR OWN online and in-person events as often as you want
  • ​How to FILL your events even if you don't have a list or any followers, without investing on marketing
  • How to get an ROI before, during and after your events
  • ​How to PACK your events with people truly interested in YOU and your message
  • ​BONUS: How to become a local HERO and make a difference for the causes you love
What your peers say about us...

Bralynn Newby, Message Architect!

 "Dean Hankey is a Rock-Star Marketer! He can take any speaker and have them wowing the crowd... meaning that he mentored them so that they had a CROWD to wow too!"

Joel Bauer, The Mentors Mentor

“With over 3 decades of stage experience and true expertise in all phases of the marketing process… Dean is an asset - knows the [events] business inside/out!”

Adryenn Ashley, Speaker/Producer

"Dean Is AMAZING! ...Innovation and The Collision of Entertainment & Technology! Couldn't Be More Perfect! ...The Audience Will Be On Fire!"
I'm already Paying It Forward... 
The EEWAC Podcast promotes the work of people and companies who are making a BIG impact for the causes they love. 

Tune in, be inspired and learn how YOU too can become a part of the global entrepreneurial movement aiming to raise over $1 Billion dollars a year for deserving and impactful causes around the globe.
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