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On this page you'll find case studies, testimonials, and an introduction to your Pay It Forward And Profit Faculty.
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Case Study - Brian Glow
The challenge:
Brian wanted to get his Suicide Awareness Tour to the communities of Northern Canada where the suicide rate is 11x the national rate, but the costs were too onerous for him to self fund his tour.

The outcome:
Brian was able to get his Suicide Awareness Tour to the extreme Northern Communities completely organized and paid for by partnerships we helped him create using our Pay It Forward And Profit strategy in which we teach our students to organise win-win-win-win community cross promotions that benefit the cause we want to support, the partners, the guests... and us. 

Brian can now continue to serve these remote communities even during covid thanks to our mentoring and guidance.
Mentor: Claude Haggerty
Case Study - Merrittville Speedway
The challenge:
Some nights Merrittville Speedway had many seats empty...

The outcome:
One of my clients is Merrittville Speedway.
I created a program for them we call Merrittville Gives Back where the Speedway partners with local non profit groups to help them raise funds and awareness.

This is win win as it helps to put more butts in the seats to increase revenue at the track, drives way more concession sales, brings new fans that might attend again or become a regular attendee and makes the track look great in the community for helping local groups raise thousands in FREE & EASY Money.

Since we are supporting dozens of local schools and non profit groups it is much easier to attract "extra" sponsorship money too.

The track is now in it's 70th year and not once have they thought about this win win partnership until I approached them 3 years ago with an "idea".

This program will most likely be the saving grace for the track.

I wont even mention how much I profited in cash, ice cream machine for my sub shop and a fast car to drive all for my efforts in putting this together.
Mentor: Claude Haggerty
Case Study - Tyler
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The challenge:
He needed to become profitable and beat the starving artist myth

The outcome:
From our free content, and in less than six weeks, Tyler generated more income than his previous year. 

Becoming a profitable performer allowed him to take his family to Disney on their dream vacation!
Mentor: Dean Hankey
Case Study - Local Community Breast Cancer Support Cause
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The challenge:
Cancer patients struggling to pay for many things...

The outcome:
Over the years, I organised several events and partnered with my local community Breast Cancer Support organisation.

To date, we have generated over $5 million dollars so they could afford to hire the people to serve the people in the midst of the fight for their life through helping them with their financial struggles and strains, medication, custom wigs, treatments, transportation... before, during and after treatment protocols, surgeries, interventions, etc.
Angel: Dean Hankey
Case Study - Child & Family Community Support Cause
The challenge:
Children profoundly impacted and suffering from the traumatic loss of a loved one

The outcome:
I organised a community cross promotion and we generated nearly ten thousand dollars in a single evening event in service of the children.
The organization we supported also helps for suicide prevention and support, therapies, couselling, community partnerships and so much more.
Angel: Dean Hankey
Case Study - Mark
The challenge:
Mark was struggling to meet his financial commitments

The outcome:
Mark was able to implement what we teach in Pay It Forward And Profit to generate months of $20,000 in income so he could pay for his kids' College.
Mentor: Dean Hankey
Case Study - Tony
The challenge:
Tony ...

The outcome:
By implementing what we teach in the program, starting with our free content, he generated over $35,000
Mentor: Dean Hankey
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