"EEWAC Is A Global Network Of Entrepreneurs & Entertainers Who Are Paying It Forward And Making A Huge Difference In Their Local Or Global Communities"  - Claude, Dean & Nat
We Raise Money For Amazing Organisations So They Can Focus Their Resources On Serving Their Cause
Dear Amazing human responsible for the delicate and crucial task of raising funds for your organisation.

We know how hard you work. 
We know how hard it is to get donations... and we know that obtaining funding can mean your organisation will survive... instead of closing its doors.

We're here to help and we'd like to start by having a conversation with you.
EEWAC (Entrepreneurs & Entertainers With A Cause) Raises Money For Amazing Organisations So They Can Focus Their Resources On Serving Their Cause - Not Chasing Up Donations To Survive.

Our global network of entrepreneurs who are paying It forward and making a huge difference in their local or global communities, have the objective to raise $1 Billion every year for organisations who welcome support with their funding efforts.
What we do is straight forward: We raise money for you.
How does it work?
It doesn't cost you anything.
It doesn't required much time on your part.
We do all the heavy lifting: .
  • Event Organisation: We organise and coordinate everything, before, during and after the events.
  • ​Marketing: We prepare and supply all the marketing material to promote the event.
  • Ticket Sales: We manage the whole process. You receive 100% of the ticket sales as a donation from our organisation to yours.
  • Sponsors: We secure sponsors for the event.
  • Speakers: We supply high quality, ethical, value adding speakers.
All we ask for is the opportunity to help you.

If you're thinking it's too good to be true, speak to our founder. Once you understand where she's coming from, her personal journey, her struggles and her victories... you'll understand why she has decided to dedicate her life to helping others.

What if you and all the outstanding humans in your organisation, could focus all your energy on serving your cause instead of spending 80% of your time looking for funds to operate your organisation?

What if there would be a way for us to help you with that... Would you like to have a conversation?
How Can EEWAC Raise Money
Specifically For Our Organization?
You are the reason EEWAC exists :-) 

Please follow the link below to have a conversation with our Founder Nat. She will walk you through how EEWAC does all the work for you and delivers money you may have never received otherwise from your regular fund raising efforts.
To find out if your organisation would be a good fit to collaborate with us, click on the button below and select the most appropriate moment for you to have a conversation with Nat.
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The EWAC TV Show and Podcast promote the work of NFP organisations, people and companies who are making a BIG impact for the causes they love. 
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